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asia trading / import and export

If your project demands a team, you need MAKE X, an agile group of experts I've been collaborating with for many years. Together we can scale capacity and skill to your need. 

...and friends

Personal day rate from GBP 600

Fixed fees available

working with me...

I'm an open, friendly, reliable, pro of 20yrs.

This is my personality type. Uncanny.

Daniel Neilson, Don't Look Down Media

Call Daniel for more detail on 07411 922770

'Creative and conscientious'

Kevin Brownell, PTS

'best deck he'd seen'

If you can make them feel it they'll remember it. With friends I've built ground breaking pitch decks, experiential presentations and educational tools that have turned faltering relationships around and won big business.


Decks and pitches

I'm highly versatile and can match the style a style or develop new approaches.


visual content & illustration

With friends I've been making editorial content for 18 years. I lay out, illustrate, create infographics, visualisations, icons, logos.


I'm a qualified journalist, too.

editorial & graphic design

delightful document

layout, design & illustration