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I've met a lot of people I've only worked with once. I've met a handful it would be impossible to replace.


If your project demands a team, these are the people I bring in. More here.


Friendly Digital / Will Callaghan

Digital Product Management

Theo Pilbeam

Software developer

Rob Price

Software developer

Daniel Neilson

Editor and publisher

my friends

Will Callaghan, Friendly Digital

Message Will for more detail here

'It's a creative relationship built on trust and mutual respect, developed over a ton of successful and exciting projects. Whenever there's a chance to work together we do.'

Hourly rate from £60

Fixed fees available

working with me

You'll find I'm fascinated by your business, especially the stories and people behind it. I'll want to get under its skin and I'll want to use what I find to underpin the approaches I take.


This makes my methods and deliverables highly distinct and very personal to your company. I'm an open, friendly, reliable, pro.


This is my personality type. Uncanny.

Daniel Neilson, Don't Look Down Media

Call Daniel for more detail on 07411 922770

'Adam is one of the most creative and conscientious designers I've ever worked with. 
He always comes to the table with fascinating suggestions that lift any project.'

Tim Bullen, Secret Campsites

Call Tim for more detail on 01273 401100

'Adam was a fantastic guide in fine tuning and designing our brand and is brilliant to have just a phone call or tweet away for a sanity check. One word: Invaluable.'

How do you build a relationship with your customers that endures?


In a busy marketplace you make sure there's clarity and purpose in your message.
You stand for things your customers relate to. And you energetically deliver on your mission.


I'll help you define your purpose, elevate a distinct identity and become an authentic brand; one your customers believe in, whatever your size.


Content is at the heart of any progressive brand. Ask me about helping to define and deliver your route to authenticity.


brand consultation

Often clients want a dedicated visualisation, micro content, inforgaphic or illustration to elevate written content - in print or online.


As mentioned above I also do funky stuff with slide decks and presentations

visual content & illustration

With friends I've been making magazines and ezines for 15 years. Currently they're about the outdoors and beer. No complaints.


I illustrate too, creating infographics, data visualisations, icons and compelling artwork as part of an end-to-end package.


It's about telling visual stories. And it's applicable to contemporary methods too, like cloud based slide decks. I specialise in Google Slides.


I trained as a journalist, and this combination of skills appeals to some clients.

editorial & deck design